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Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron

Man Made Boy - Jon Skovron

Difficult to define, even more difficult to describe. Skovron's canvas is epic in imagination and scope. He doesn't pick with the little stuff, choosing instead the big big everythings - themes, mythic resonances, characters, story, romance and family. It's got it all. 

Boy is such a good boy. Even when he's (trying to be) bad, he's fighting his moral fibre. But he takes a while to sort out where he's headed. I like that he sets out anyway, not sure of his plans, his destination or his future. He's realistic, but still wondering. He makes mistakes, and eventually tries to fix them. He falls in love, once, twice, no three times (a lady). Oh it's fantastical, it's quirky, it's sad.

At the centre of it all is the question of creation, and what it means to be alive. I told you - he's all about the big stuff.

This is weird and wonderful, and if you have those intelligent left-of-centre readers in your library, then you know just who to give it to.

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