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Wise Young Fool by Sean Beaudoin

Wise Young Fool - Sean Beaudoin

I have all of Beaudoin's books in my library. it makes sense - his main characters are all teenage boys facing up to some pretty serious life issues. He loves playing around with genre and they are smart & funny.

Well, I imagine they all are. This is the first one I have read & I loved every bit of it.

It was long, and he does the thing where we switch between two time lines. One where Ritchie is doing time in a juvenile detention centre for 90 days. Only we don't know why he's there. Alternating with this, is the lead up to the incarceration. Here we meet his best bud El Hella, his mother and her recently acquired girl friend, Looper. And we learn that the boys want to enter a rock competition.

It's complicated, messy, hilarious and poignant. Ritchie is a great voice. A mixture of angry, scared and lonely. He writes great lyrics and desperately desires the gorgeous Ravenna. Lots is going on. There is never a dull moment. And some are quite tense.

It's wonderful and clever. Highly recommended.

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