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Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles

WILD CARDS - Simone Elkeles

This is unashamed romance YA at its best. Ashtyn and Derek are clearly meant for each other, but there are a number of obstacles standing in their way: Most obviously their own inability to trust others.


Derek's life had been chaos ever since his mother died two years ago. Ashtyn's just been made captain of the football team pipping her own boyfriend out of the position. When they find they have to live with each other, the sparks that fly are mostly antagonism, but not all.


It is a dual narrative, so we are given both points of view. Secrets are revealed slowly and their growing attraction is dealt with cautiously. Towards the end, the book ramps up the smexy scale, and although it remains reasonably PG rated, it was still hot!


I haven't read any Elkeles' books before, but I can see she has quite a following. And why not? There are great snarky lines, Ashtyn isn't a walkover - she's tough and still feminine, and the boys are flawed and trying hard to do the right thing. Maybe Landon is a bit of a stereotypical jealous ex-boyfriend, however, there was motivation behind his horrible actions, and there's still time for his comeuppance.


Yeah, it's a number one. I find these contemporary books that turn into series quite interesting. We do have the beautifully choreographed grand gesture which ensures a satisfactory end for us romantics, but it was abrupt and the football storyline was left unresolved. I wanted to see Derek play, and Ashtyn have success with her chosen sport, so I am glad to see there will be a second book published.


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